The Intuition Quiz

The Intuition Quiz is a four question quiz that helps you repair the core failure of your intuition. It helps you diagnose the key reason(s) why you may feel off balance with your empathic and intuitive ability instead of feeling empowered and grateful for it.
The quiz diagnoses you in terms of which pillar of intuition it is time for you to focus on building right now, today!
The four pillars of intuition are: Vision, Connection, Receptivity, & Creativity.

Who Created The Intuition Quiz?

Hi, my name is Aaran Solh and I discovered my empathic and intuitive abilities as a teenager. Since then, I’ve been following the guidance of my inner voice and helping people transform their empathic ability into genuine mystical and spiritual awakening.

After years of working with people, I crystalized the 4 Pillars of Intuition. These are four conditions that have to be met in your psyche to be able to hear and follow your inner voice. The results of your quiz will tell you which pillar you need to build to re-establish your intuition as the navigator of your life.

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