Spiritual Alignment is a process by which you re-connect to the will of your spirit. It is literally the most important thing you can do in order to rebuild the foundation on which you build your life from a place of authenticity and truth.

Many spiritual terms have become part of our language and culture. But we often use them without truly understanding what is being talked about. To understand how true spiritual alignment works, you should first understand a few spiritual principles. I’ve created a simple and straight forward summary for you.  

What is the Soul?

The soul is the energetic blueprint created by your spirit in order to explore three dimensional reality. It is from this blueprint that your current body-mind was created. Your soul is the part of you that carries the memories, preferences and imprints from one life to the next when your physical body dies. It then imprints them on your next body to continue its evolution according to your spirit’s will.

What is the Spirit

Your spirit is the part of you that exists on the border of space and time. It is connected to the unified field of consciousness (The divinity of your understanding) and also experiences duality (but is not lost within it). The Spirit exists on the border of those two dimensions. It is your spirit which is the repository of your collective experiences from all your lives. It is the undying You (with a capital Y).

What is the Unified Field of Consciousness (Also called The Tree of Life, God, The universe…)?

The tree of life (or the Unified Field of Consciousness) is the vast intelligence of Existence itself. It is the divine origin as you personally or your spiritual tradition understands it. It arises from nothing and is unborn and undying. Every unique spirit is like a flower on this Unified Field Tree. The flower blooms and appears to live separately from all the other flowers on the tree. Yet, of course, it is part of the same tree, as are all other conscious beings.

What is Duality Consciousness (Also called Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil)?

The tree of knowledge is duality consciousness. It is the flower on the tree thinking it is separate from all other flowers. This happened when the flower looks outwards (away from The Tree) instead of feeling inwards (into the Tree of Life). When the flower looks outward, it sees separation instead of unity (it develops ‘knowledge’). It sees duality (me and you; good and evil). It falls into the misconception that anything that arises or happens is somehow independent and disconnected from other phenomena.

What Is the Relationship Between Soul and Spirit?

Your spirit (as well as all other spirits), choosing to see themselves as independent from the Tree of Life, desire to interact with and explore the other spirits (the flowers on The Tree), in order to find out who they themselves are! The flowers project their consciousness’ to form an enclosed and ‘separate’ arena in which to interact with each other (3D reality). Each spirit then created a perishable energy body to use as a vehicle in this dimension of space-time where things appear separate. This energy body becomes denser and denser until it appear solid - what we call ‘physical.’ This vehicle is the soul. Each soul is programed by your spirit to carry out its desired learning in life.

What is the Relationship Between Your Soul and Your Body?

You can choose to see the body and soul as separate by defining the soul as the subtle energy components that influence the physical appearing body. In reality, however, there is no separation between the physical body and its subtle energy (the soul). It is one, until the physical body dies and is replaced (like cells in your physical body are constantly dying and being replaced). So… for all purposes - you body IS your soul! Your connection with your body is your built in means of accessing your spirit and therefore the higher unifying consciousness as well.

The body is the perishable part of the soul. Similar in concept to the flower and the tree - the flower is the body - the soul is the tree that shapes it. When a soul chooses a body to unite with, it does so based on the spirits will and also based on past life experiences and actions - your karma. When the soul attaches to the body, the body-mind absorbs these energetic influences like a sponge or mirror and takes on the corresponding personality traits. When the body dies, the soul carries the information back to your spirit, which then instructs the soul to imprint itself onto a new body based on what it has learned and wants to explore next.

Why is it Hard to Hear the Voice of Your Spirit?  

For most people, the physical body-mind (and therefore soul) becomes influenced by external body-minds. Over many lifetimes this accumulates to become difficult attachments, stubborn personality traits and erroneous beliefs. It leads to hurtful patterns of behavior followed by depression, meaninglessness, and anxiety. The body-mind becomes too heavily shadowed by external influences and past life karma. It loses the ability to see past them to the subtle layers of soul that are receiving direct transmission from your spirit. These layers contain its purpose for incarnating in your specific body with your specific circumstances.

Following the will of your spirit leads to the greatest possible experience of joy in life. The work usually isn’t easy, but it’s worth doing, and in fact, will eventually be done even if it takes another hundred lifetimes. It doesn’t have to though.

What is the difference between will and desire?

Will refers to the will of your spirit - following it leads to joy and the fulfillment of your purpose. Desire, is the animalistic instinct of your body-mind as influenced by biology, external circumstances and past life experiences (karma). When the soul is in alignment with the spirit, your desire reflects your spirit’s will, rather than your conditioned desire. When misaligned with your spirit, your lower desire constantly clings to things outside itself trying to find fulfillment and lasting satisfaction. These can take the form of objects, relationships, ideals (such as community, religion or nationalism), and even spiritual ‘attainments’ (which in effect are only heightened positive emotional states).

This seeking and desiring, however, never works, and eventually plunges the psyche into frustration, depression and anxiety. Anytime you are out of alignment with your spirit, the warning bells of frustration (anger, hatred), depression (numbness, sadness, grief) and anxiety (over protection, rejection, abandonment, helplessness) sound. Like pain when you scrape your leg, it is telling you that something in your life is wrong. The solution is to realign your body with your soul and from there with your spirit and the Unified Filed of Consciousness.  


What is Your Purpose?

Every spirit incarnating as a soul has its own reason for becoming. A reason that comes directly from its source - the Unified Field of Consciousness. Confident and lasting joy only arise when you are on an aligned path with your spirit. And via your spirit, aligned to The Tree of Life - the Vast Intelligence of Existence.

In your Spiritual Alignment Sessions we align every area of your life to your spirit’s will and purpose, bringing more and more joy, gratitude, connection and fulfillment into the world.

We All Want More Joy

The path to joy is simple - you follow the will of your spirit! This isn’t always easy. It often comes with a surrendering of that which is familiar for that which is unknown. Or even unknowable! I call this - finding your Spiritual Alignment. Your spiritual alignment with:

~ Romantic Love (or a specific individual)
~ Food
~ Family & Children
~ Work
~ Money
~ Play
~ Friendships
~ Sexuality
~ A Spiritual Path
~ Your Geographical Location

~ Your shadow (anger, hatred, envy, greed)
~ and any other area of life

If you experience any degree of negative emotion in any of these areas, it means you are not fully aligned with your spirit’s mission there. For most of us, this alignment is ongoing work and requires quite a bit of re-habituation - the retraining of our body to follow only the voice of our spirit.

When you find your spiritual alignment with some area (or all areas) you naturally increase your joy, gratitude, and mystical inter-connection. You experience a humble confidence and faith that you are living your purpose, aligned with source.

What Happens in a Soul Alignment Session with Aaran?

In our sessions we can choose one or more areas of your life and find your true joy and soul alignment with it. We can also choose to do a full life review, spending a shorter amount of time reviewing multiple areas of your life to see what re-alignments are needed. Aaran uses his abilities as an intuitive, shamanic healer, and energy practitioner to channel your inner voices (the voices of your body-soul, and spirit) and to help you release any energetic entanglement that may be preventing you from aligning with your spirit and experiencing true joy and unconditional gratitude in living.

We Can't Do It Alone

Many of us reach a point where we desire more spiritual alignment in our lives and we realize we can’t do it alone. Every single person needs mentoring and support. We all need guidance and coaching to live our highest truth and be in direct communication with our spirit.

Aaran is an intuitive trained in a wide array of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing modalities. He also has real-world business and platform building skills to share with you if you're in you're looking to manifest your dream business.


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