Do you have a strong commitment to show up and serve regardless of the challenges?

There are two types of people I'm able to serve right now. Those of you ready to find your voice as a teacher, healer or conscious entrepreneur AND Those of you who are already practitioners and are ready to take your practice or business to the next level of visibility and content creation.

Do you feel like you belong in one of these communities?

Are you an empath or intuitive ready to harness your power so you can fulfill your potential and make a spiritual impact on the world?

phoenix Rising

Is this you?
I am an empath, intuitive or spiritual practitioner and I am ready to rise from my past and find my voice. I want to walk this path in the full light of my spiritual guidance and in alignment with the purpose that the highest intelligence of the universe holds for me. I know in my heart of hearts that for me to be happy, I have to follow this calling and I know that for me to inspire others, I MUST be surrendered to my own happiness and inner peace as well. I am ready to follow this bliss and see how spirit helps me awaken as a phoenix rising!

Are you a holistic health practitioner who wants to build an online presence so you can influence tens of thousands, create online programs and find your ideal clients?

Dragon Rising

Is this you?
I am a healer, coach, holistic health practitioner, teacher or a conscious business creator. I am ready for the world to SEE ME SHINE. To raise my voice and attract the attention of thousands and tens of thousands that I can inspire and lift up. I want to do all of it in complete alignment with my spiritual guidance and in service to the highest intelligence of the universe regardless of the challenges I may face by being a beautiful and powerful dragon in this world!

Join Phoenix Rising to explore the courageous truth living inside you

So Who Am I Anyway?

And why in the world would you study with me?

About me

I am a self-help author and Intuitive Coach who helps people build authentic lives and businesses aligned with who they really are and what they love to do. I am the author of two books that guide you on how to build your intuitive ability and spiritual connection. They teach you how to balance the practicalities of life with being able to follow your true calling.


I have spent the past 28 years (since age 15) on a focused journey of exploration of my natural empathic and intuitive abilities. I’ve explored the mysticism of both the East and West, the ancient as well a that of the New Age. I’ve also studied Western and Eastern psychology, business, marketing and communication.

As you probably know, I’ve written two books and have developed a couple of online programs. I also offer my one-on-one intuitive counseling and readings via the internet to people all over the world. I’m also building a brick and mortar business in Vietnam – A wellness center called A Luminary Life. And with my business partner Michelle, we also provide consulting services to hotels and resorts, helping them to create wellness programs. Oh, and we’re building an online website dedicated to wellness travel resources. 


I didn’t get here overnight though. 


I’ve spent the past 5 years finding out how to build a business like this. During those 5 years, I literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on programs and conferences trying to find people to teach me. Of course, my life prior to that as an operations employee and having spent years and years as a spiritual practitioner also prepared me for it. 

Want to Get to Know me Better Before Applying?

Join me at one (or all) of these open community events:

Guidelines by Which I Live my Life and Teach

  • And it harm none (intentionally), do what your guiding inner light wills.

  • Let food be thy only medicine and medicine be thy only food.

  • If you can’t do anything about it or change it, don’t try. Instead, focus on the positive you can create, whatever that may be.

  • Learn from your mistakes, sending love to your ingrained, shaming critic when it tries to beat you down and prove what a worthless scam artist you are

  • Own it if you’ve harmed somebody. Apologize and make amends if appropriate. When you feel guilt and shame about it, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself love

  • Work tirelessly for a better world, recognizing this also means you need silent, self-care and alone time. Take this shamelessly and with pride knowing you are setting a good example for others.

  • Don’t be a martyr. Work non-violently with loving-kindness within the imperfect systems humanity has set up.

  • Speak the language of he person in front of you

  • Learning from and receiving from others is the greatest gift you can give them

  • Don’t force children to learn what they don’t want to or aren’t ready for. Standardized education is essentially the worst thing humanity has ever created. It perpetuates oppression of creativity and love.

  • If we’re going to be judged, let us be judged for who we really are. There’s nothing worse than when you put on a false persona and get rejected anyway. If you are completely and boldly yourself, at least you’ll attract like minded people to gather around you. If you wear a false self, you’re damned if you fail and are rejected. You’re also damned if you succeed because then you’re hanging out with people you don’t really resonate with. Do you think there aren’t enough people like you? Maybe they all think that way, so you’re all hiding. Be bold. Be a leader for what is true in your heart.

  • When stuck, always ask, ‘what can I receive right now from my inner light?’ And, ‘How can I reflect that out into the world?

  • If you’re in a hole, make a plan to get out. If you can’t see the entire map out, start exploring what you can do and see where your guidance leads you. Always be ready to adapt your plan to new information.

Creating with Integrity

When you find yourself called to create something in the world, the fears around it can be tremendous and yet the push from your soul is even stronger. You may find yourself wanting to share more and help other people rise from their pasts as you are doing. But how do you do it? More importantly, how do you do it in a new way that doesn’t feel like you are participating in a world of competition and struggle? In a way that keeps you in complete integrity with your spirit.


We each have a role to play – some will have ‘small’ impact on their immediate surroundings through their work and some people’s work will effect millions. As you work to find your path as a change maker with a powerful voice you will see that your power comes from your ability to envision yourself working as a collective toward a greater good. Every role in life carries a burden. And rich or poor, influential or not, there are doubts, fears, and unknowns we all have to contend with. Also , fortunes topple in the blink of an eye. Earthquakes, floods, death, financial upheavals could all come down on each of us at any time.


There is no security to achieve. There is only the comfort of knowing we walk in integrity with our own spirit, moving the collective of this planet toward a greater wholeness.


When you join this program, you are saying yes to the power of your voice in the world. Yes, to embracing the burden of a healer, guide and teacher; and that of a being a powerful voice for what you know is true and right. You are saying yes to the truth of your heart no matter what the difficulties that may come from fully expressing it in the world.

What Does It Mean to Be A Luminary?

You may be familiar with the images in this section. The first is that of The Hermit, from the classic tarot deck. People tend to think of The Hermit as symbolizing the need for taking time alone to seek the wisdom within. Or the need for seeking council (the light) of an experienced elder master.


There is a deeper meaning, however. People tend to think of the lantern in the image as symbolizing the wisdom being offered to you (be it from within or from a master). But the lantern in the image is actually symbolic of YOU. You are the lantern. Wielded by the natural wisdom of your heart.


You are the luminary. You are the light of the world. Once you’ve fully surrendered to the wisdom within and ignited the luminary spark. That’s why I created the logo for this training based on The Hermit’s lamp. It tells the story of how you will become the light that wisdom shines in the world.

But there is even more to it.

Because you also must command the power of balance and discernment. If being the light of wisdom is being a vehicle for compassion, commanding the power of balance is being the wielder of the sword of justice. You must have the strength to speak compassionately as the light of wisdom. Like Marianne Williamson. Whose love has led her to bring light into one of the darkest arenas in our world today.

Now, we’re not all going to be that. In fact, mostly, we will have a much smaller impact. Though maybe smaller isn’t the right word. Focused. I’d say most of us will have a more focused area of impact.

Our battles may include bringing meditation and mindfulness into schools or prisons. It may include animal rights, elder rights, community building, fighting against human trafficking, ending poverty, protecting the environment, healing family relationship or helping individuals find their purpose and heal.

Where wisdom guides you to wield its sword and light, you must go. And if you don’t, well, you end up in the belly of a whale, like Jonah the prophet. He was swallowed by a whale when he tried to run away from his divine mission. The belly of the whale being a symbol of darkness and disconnection.

This is important because if you are feeling disconnected, you may want to ask yourself where you are not following the guidance of the wisdom within you.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we are following our true calling and standing up for what we know to be right. It makes all that we sacrifice worthwhile.

Being ready to BE the light that wisdom wields in the world is a powerful journey. And if you are ready, I want to invite you to join a community of people who are committed to the same path as you. I want to give you both the spiritual as well as practical tools you’ll need to do it.

Below: Manjushri Buddha wielding both the sword of discernment and the flower of wisdom and compassion.

What Will We Do With Our Time Together?

During our time together you won't just learn what to do and how to do it, you will also implement as we go - looking to your peers to hold you accountable.

What we're going to cover in our three months of training together:

  • The foundations of helping other people connect to their higher selves in an empowered way that frees them from being dependent on you or anybody else.

  • Strengthening your already existing ability to connect to divine inspiration within you.

  • How to write, publish, make video and audio recordings. How to find cheap professional help if you need it (and my personal recommendations) 

  • How start a website – what to focus on and what to not worry about. How build a list for a newsletter if that is your path.

  • The best ways to use social media to share your voice when you are ready for that. 

  • Most importantly: Making sure you are creating from a place of positivity and the divine inspiration within you. Without this piece, whatever you do will inevitably collapse. 

Aaran, that's great and all but I'm a detail person. Give me the details!

How are you going to help me find my true voice and start expressing it over the next 3 months?

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will anchor so powerfully into the authentic voice within you that not even your deepest ingrained fears will stop you from being the warrior you know yourself to be. After these 12 weeks, You will have  practical self-expression tools, systems in place, practices to do and a community to call on in order to continue to grow and flower in the right direction. So anything that comes up, you’ll have a place to turn for help. 

Focusing on energetic practices to open the heart and throat – to be able to express through these powerful vessels in our bodies. We learn to connect to a deep sense of openness, trust and spaciousness. We learn to gather our confidence from the truth living within us. We will also learn practical skills and establish a routine of self-expression (in whichever format is right for you).

Focusing these two weeks on Divine alignment with the earth beneath our feet. Understanding our connection with nature and all of life and its miraculous cycles. We learn to tap into the intelligence that lives in the interconnected web of manifest existence and feel stable, grounded and supported by it.

During these 2 weeks we bring together the earth connection with the heart and throat. We allow that power to fill us up and learn to translate it into words that other people can feel and resonate with. We start to become spokespeople for the trees, and indeed, all of manifest life. 

Having established a pathway in the heart for expression, and grounded ourselves in the support of life’s intelligence, we are ready to also be vessels for a higher energetic power in a way that won’t shatter our humanity and create over sensitivity.  With this in place, these two weeks are spend in a deep dive into the higher Divine and un-manifest realities. Learning to truly hear the voice of spirit and be able to translate it and express it through our open and yet grounded channels.  

These two weeks will be spent tapping into your authentic creative direction as received from the voice of your spirit and the Divine of your understanding. Where are you being guided to serve in the world? How are you being challenged to grow and face your fears in order to do that? How are you to (practically) go about doing it?

As we wrap up this process we will help you establish a grounded and step by step plan of action to help you follow your calling and Divine direction. How you will continue to be an aligned change maker working through the voice of powerful love within you? How will you continue to be part of this great community of adventures, awakening the world to its own beauty and to the majesty and glory that exists all around it. 

Aaran Solh

What is the most important advice I was ever given?


You are who you are. If you pretend to be something else or try and copy Tony Robbins, you’ll fail and fall on your face. If you don’t live authentically, you’ll never attract the right people. The people who want YOU, not Tony Robbins. So, stand for something. Have opinions. Allow people the opportunity to identify with you and build a true movement around what you have to say, and how you say it.
It doesn’t matter if other people offer similar things to what you offer. By living authentically and creating from your soul, you will have something unique to offer the world, and those people who resonate with you will become loyal supporters and if you go this route -customers for life.
When I see the smile on a person’s face that reflects their innocent, creative nature, I know it’s all been worth while. Knowing I’ve affected one person positively, who can now continue to affect the people around them in this way, makes all the late night struggles and doubts worthwhile.
Now you don’t have to have lofty goals to feel this way. Before I ever started selling my services I was making videos and writing blog posts for free. Because that’s what a flower does. It offers its scent and beauty regardless of the circumstances or if there are people around to see. But then I started getting emails and comments about how I’ve helped someone. And that encouraged me to do more until I was able to understand people’s problems at such a depth that I was able to produce a successful workbook that helps them even more.
When you know you’ve brought joy and ease to somebody’s life because your product or service has helped them, you’re day brightens and you live a happier life. You smile more at the random people around you, you’re more patient with your family. You are even able to forgive the people in your past who hurt you. And when you have the financial freedom that comes with success, then you have the money to spend on those higher, creative expressions that make you a better person and you are able to support the charities you love.
The greatest struggle when finding your voice is feeling alone in the process. The experience of feeling unsupported and like the universe is completely against you is a common one for anybody bold enough to step into their personal power. During those times of doubt, it’s important to have a conscious and loving community to turn to for support.


So, I don't really have any testimonials because I've never done this exact program before! I've put it together in response to a growing need I've witnessed to help give conscious people the skills they need to influence the word in a positive way. But here are a couple of people I've helped in other ways
Participating in Aaran's group, I've learned how to live more awake. As soon as I began I felt that I was having major shifts in consciousness.
Jessica Huff
Nurse & Artist
Aaran empowers you from within. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious! In working with him, I have moved from a feeling of being stuck to being free
Laura Redfern
Certified Financial Planner
"With Aaran's guidance, I was able to find the inspiration to create from universal truth. There was no labor involved"
Lily Ralfs

How Much Does the Program Cost?

I am not a capitalist. I am also not a communist. If you need to define me, let’s call me a Daoist. The Dao is The Way – The Way of Spirit. When you are in The Dao flow, you are being (not doing) what makes you happy. Or, you might also say that the happiness of The Blissful Intelligence of the Universe, is moving you.


So my philosophy of money is what I call the Daoconomy. I believe in creating a world where each person is free to follow their Dao. Their personal Way. And that there should never be a question in their hearts that they will have food, comfortable shelter and community of the heart wherever they go and however and whatever they create.


You may think the world is far from being this. But all it takes is a communal awakening for it to role out naturally. Just like all it takes for you to role out your creative contribution to the world naturally and organically is remaining in a state of awakening as you do it. No matter how many fears you have to face because of social and emotional conditioning to the contrary.


So, in this light and in this philosophy, and recognizing that we still live in a monetary based society, I’ve come up with a compromise. This compromise is a sliding scale of two hundred to five hundred dollars per month for the three month program. Or if you choose to pay up front and get payment out of the way, you can pay from six hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars for it.


If you are ready to commit to the growth of your conscious voice, change maker, healer or conscious entrepreneur, apply now:

Fill Out The Application

Once you click submit you will be redirected to the schedule of live pre-events for you to join. Please choose one to attend. This is a mandatory step in the application process. We need to meet on a live call at least once before approval.

Program Dates: Sundays 7-9:00pm, Feb. 9th through May 2nd (skipping Easter Sunday Apr 12)


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