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In Mastering Intuition parts 2 & 3 you will discover your core motivations, how to free yourself from your past and then develop a true, constant and unlimited connection to the source of your soul and light. 

Mastering Intuition - Full program

Will and Motivation, Innocence, Duality, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Balance, Structure, Potential, Manifestation Process, Pure Being, Merging with the Inner Voice, Connecting to your Creator. These are just some of the topics covered and experienced in the advanced modules. 

Rather than wait and purchase the advanced sections separately, you can choose to have them right now, so they’ll be there when your’e ready for them. The advanced sections come with a 100% money back guarantee (even if it’s 10 years from now) 

The regular price for each advanced module is $25 .

If you choose to have them now you can buy them both for $20 ($50)

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