Group Soul Guidance with Aaran

Plant your feet in the fertile soil of community love and direct energy transmission from The Oracle Point. 

Every Sunday (well almost every Sunday) at 11:00am Central Mexico time I'll be showing up on a zoom call to help guide you into full soul alignment. That is - alignment with who you are. Not who fear forces you to be. 

In these group sessions, I guide the group to tune into the Oracle Point and transmit an energy frequency that hastens the merger of your body and soul. The Oracle Point is the place in your consciousness where you experience unity, peace and stillness. It is also called The Omega Point, The Buddha Field, Christ Consciousness, Sat-Chit-Ananda (The Blissful Intelligence of the Universe), and many other things.

After our group practice, I will channel answers to any questions you have about your personal process or the overall nature of the human mind and heart. Whatever is on your mind! 

The Soul

When you choose to receive your life purpose and vision from your soul rather than fear, external influences, or childhood programming, you are choosing a fulfilling life. Choosing to live from soul means you prioritize meaning over fear. 

Your intuition is an unconscious mechanism that tells you which way to go in order to attain a goal or fulfill a desire.

The soul is the higher purpose of your life. It communicates to you through your intuition. But you can also use your intuition to get emotional satisfaction from your fear-based cravings. It can be confusing. So...


Following your soul's purpose and goals will lead to lasting satisfaction and a sense of meaning in your life. 

Following fear-based desires leads to a cycle of addiction (in relationships as well as with substances). It leads to chasing emotional highs that inevitably crash. 

To follow your soul you have to ask 2 questions:

1. How can I tell the voice of my soul from that of fear?
2. How do I find the courage and know which actions to take to follow my soul's calling once I understand it? 

Helping you answer these questions is why I created these Sunday gatherings.


Use the calendar below to choose a date and time. Live Sessions are offered Sundays at 11 am Central Mexico time (the calendar below will show your local time). Space is limited to maintain intimacy.

When you register you will have the opportunity to submit a question or describe what your number one struggle is at this time. Depending on time, I may be able to answer it directly during the session. When answering your questions, I will not use your name. You may remain anonymous if you choose.

These meetings are recorded and the recordings are shared in the WhatsApp group. (I don't usually send them by email).

An exchange of energy in the amount of $25 is suggested but if you can't pay that, you may attend free or make a donation of your choosing. 

I'm sincerely looking forward to seeing you.

With love,


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