1. Building Foundations
Dedicated to overcoming doubt, understanding how you got here, anchoring your intentions, understanding the fundamentals of intuition & bringing your value to life.
The symbol for Building Foundations is the Medicine Buddha mandala. It is symbolic of the healing journey and growing into the fullness of yourself.

Four Main Sections of Empath to Mystic Online

2. Emotional Mastery
Dedicated to developing emotional intelligence and a sturdy constitution. You develop distance between your reactions and your negative emotions (grief, anger, depression, helplessness & feeling stuck).
The symbol for this section is The Buddhist Wheel of Life Mandala with the 3 Poisons at it's center (desire, hatred, jealously).

Empath to Mystic Online is an in-depth program designed to connect you to the source of your intuition & spiritual guidance. It guarantees two things:

3.Empath to Mystic
Devoted to intellectual study and planting seeds of transforming in the unconscious mind. Here you set yourself up for long term clarity of mind, purposeful living & the ability to make brave choices.
The symbol for this section is the owl which represents wisdom, persistence and intellectual learning.
4.Mastering Intuition
Devoted one hundred percent to deepening your spiritual experience and living interconnected with The Mystic - the interconnected web of life that is your Inner Source.
The symbol for this section is the one that is depicted on the cover of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England. Symbolic of uniting opposites.

1. That you will always have a clear connection to your intuition

2. That you can always find the courage to follow it
After you join, the welcome video will walk you through the exact process and explain how this course was developed to serve you.

The course contains the full book Empath to Mystic (including the content, journal prompts and guided practices). It also contains additional advanced practices and videos not included in the book.

The framework in this course is designed to give you a long term and in-depth study process. It's not something you race through - it is a full intuitive and spiritual growth program that could take you a year or more to complete. So it's not for everyone! It is for those who are willing to put in the work and dedicate time to practice (in the welcome video explains why).

Aaran Solh

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Empathy to Mysthic Online - Free
Empathy to Mysthic Online - With Audiobook

Would you like to have the audiobook included in your program?

You can do so by making a contribution based on a pay-what-you-can principle (the courses contain the exact same content and depth except for the audio files).

Your contributions go to support continued work on this course and others offered on a pay-what-you-can or free basis.

It also supports those in our community who can't afford it but who have a strong desire to be powerful change-makers and light-workers in the world. Thank you!

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A Quick Overview of All the
Empath to Mystic Online Content

What Practitioners Have To Say:

- Laura Redfern, Certified Financial Planner

"Aaran’s simple authenticity, gentle guidance, and acceptance have been incredibly inspiring and helpful to me. Aaran empowers you from within. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious! In working with him, I have moved from a feeling of being stuck to being free – and even more than that, to feeling joyful in just being alive!"

"Through practicing Aaran’s guided meditation I was able to find the inspiration to complete a song I had been attempting to write. I was able to get in touch with a Universal Truth and create a song that has moved others. There was no labor involved. The song was simply delivered. Thank you Aaran."

- Lily Ralfs, Songwriter

"Aaran has dedicated his life to uplift humanity through the remembrance of returning one’s attention to the root of their being. His work addresses liberation from suffering, intentional living, and purification of body, mind, and spirit."

- Jean-Pierre Verdijo, Visual Artist

"I really appreciate Aaran’s graciousness and insights. He has taken me from being a skeptic to being a believer and has brought joy and inner knowing into my life. I have experienced deep healing by feeling a greater closeness to the ONE and by understanding my unconscious motivations. "

- Jonathan Houghton. Musician, Engineer, Philanthropist

"Aaran’s qualities of gentleness, understanding, and insight have helped me bring more awareness, patience, understanding and gratitude into my life. My relationship with myself has vastly improved and my relationships with others have become more engaging."

- Erik Sterns. Rei-Ki Master, Software Engineer

"Thanks to Aaran’s wisdom, insight and wide knowledge I’ve discovered how to bring my learning into my body in a way that creates real transformation. Before working with Aaran I felt stuck, and now I feel empowered to move forward again with a sense of hope."

- Helen Jordan, Meditation Teacher, Artist


I created Empath to Mystic Online in response to a growing need for empaths and spiritual seekers to have an in-depth program to follow in their own home, where it matters most.

Going to workshop after workshop is disjointed. Traveling long distances for retreats is unsustainable financially and for anyone with a family.

I spent decades traveling the world and learning from masters and I consolidated what I have learned into this simple yet profound system of growth so that you too can find your clarity of mind, peaceful heart, master your intuition and be a luminary for the world, even when it's challenging.

100% FREE!

148 lessons strategically designed to transform the unconscious mind and build your intuitive connection to your inner voice

Guided meditation practices to shift the unconscious personality

Over 90 videos that consolidate knowledge from modern and ancient mystery traditions

The entire book Empath to Mystic is contained within the course alongside supplementary videos

An extended advanced section titled Mastering Intuition containing self-initiation journeys for embodying your intuitive connection to The Source within.