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Aaran Solh

From A Place of Love

“In all my years of self discovery, I’ve never come across someone who understands exactly what I’ve gone through. Not only do I think this is a well planned tutorial, but it truly comes from a place of love.”

Spiritual and Intuitive Development

“A wonderful piece of masterful writing. Really important and beautiful information presented in a lucid way with plenty of practical exercises, which I loved! This book is for the advanced empath who is already on a spiritual awakening journey – it’s focused on spiritual and intuitive development.”

Awakened to My True Self

“I love this book! It’s has taken me a while to get through the book because of the growth that it inspires. In this process, and thanks to Aaran’s insight, I have awakened to my true self and look forward to a lifetime of heightened spiritualism.”

Some words from readers

" Through practicing Aaran’s guided meditation I was able to find the inspiration to complete a song I had been attempting to write. I was able to get in touch with a Universal Truth and create a song that has moved others. There was no labor involved. The song was simply delivered. Thank you Aaran."
Lily Ralfs
"Aaran’s simple authenticity, gentle guidance, and acceptance have been incredibly inspiring and helpful to me. Aaran empowers you from within. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious! In working with him, I have moved from a feeling of being stuck to being free – and even more than that, to feeling joyful in just being alive!"
Laura Redfern
Certified Financial Planner
"Aaran has dedicated his life to uplift humanity through the remembrance of returning one’s attention to the root of their being. His work addresses liberation from suffering, intentional living, and purification of body, mind, and spirit."
Jean-Pierre Verdijo
Visual Artist
"I really appreciate Aaran’s graciousness and insights. He has taken me from being a skeptic to being a believer and has brought joy and inner knowing into my life. I have experienced deep healing by feeling a greater closeness to the ONE and by understanding my unconscious motivations. "
Jonathan Houghton
Musician, Engineer, Philanthropist
"Aaran’s qualities of gentleness, understanding, and insight have helped me bring more awareness, patience, understanding and gratitude into my life. My relationship with myself has vastly improved and my relationships with others have become more engaging."
Erik Sterns
Software Engineer
"Thanks to Aaran’s wisdom, insight and wide knowledge I’ve discovered how to bring my learning into my body in a way that creates real transformation. Before working with Aaran I felt stuck, and now I feel empowered to move forward again with a sense of hope."
Helen Jordan
Meditation Teacher, Artist

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