Weaving Creation From Silence

While building the pillar of creativity, you may find yourself overburdened with circling thoughts (‘head-chatter’) and a feeling of emptiness. The bad kind of emptiness, not the fertile kind. The kind of emptiness where you can’t ever seem to attain that which you desire. The kind of emptiness that comes from repeatedly trying to feel happy but always falling short.

This kind of emptiness where you are lost in a maze of thoughts, has a very specific cause. The cause is a wounded heart and an inability to fully experience your own emotions – a kind of numbness. So, the first step to building your pillar of creativity is to open your heart and dive in. And the second step, is to emerge out of the other side of your heart into the great fertile emptiness and silence within you. The kind of silence that you attain when you fully experience your emotions and are able to receive from your connection to a source of nourishment within. When you give yourself access to this fertile emptiness within you, you become a true weaver of creation. When you weave from the infinite pool of potential in your heart, your creativity naturally flows and births new ideas in your current area of passion.

When you open your heart, you gain access to your genius. In the spiritual realms think of poets like Indian mystic Mira Bai and the Sufis Rumi and Hafiz as being truly connected to their creativity with an unburdened and silent heart. Spiritually awake artists like Alex Grey come to mind as well. But you can find examples of truly inspired creators in any field. They are the joyful kindergarten teacher down the street and the scattered scientist you had as a professor in college. They are even the high tech geek who never leaves his computer because he is developing the next generation of computing.

When you have built your pillar of creativity, you are able to see the infinite patterns of life strung throughout the universe. You can follow them in your imagination and weave together new and inspirational things. This is how genius is born, and it all starts with unburdening your heart and opening it to the true spiritual experience of emptiness that is the primordial soup of creation, containing an infinity of potential and possibility within it.


Answer these journaling prompts from the book Empath to Mystic to start liberating your energy and embracing the powerful creator within:

List at least 5-10 things you can do to express kindness, appreciation, love, and support for yourself. Take action on at least 2 of them.

What are your favorite ways of moving your body? Take action: Make a commitment to yourself to move your body in one of these ways at least once every day – for however long you are able to devote to it. 1 minute or 1 hour. When are you going to do it today?

Are you willing to fully embrace being a creator? Describe what kind of creator you want to be?

What are the primary negative thoughts that try to stop you from being a creator?


Spiritual Alignment is a process by which you re-connect to the will of your spirit. It is literally the most important thing you can do in order to rebuild the foundation on which you build your life from a place of authenticity and truth.

Many spiritual terms have become part of our language and culture. But we often use them without truly understanding what is being talked about. To understand how true spiritual alignment works, you should first understand a few spiritual principles. I’ve created a simple and straight forward summary for you.