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Mastering Intuition is an In-Depth On-Line Program Designed To Balance And Awaken Your Third-Eye Chakra and Connect You to the Source of your Intuition & Spiritual Guidance

Do you really think that some invisible and vindictive God made you to desire an authentic life but didn't give you the ability to live it?

But then why do I fail to follow my heart and just do what others tell me I should?

Why do I follow my programming instead of my authentic inner voice time and time again? It's not for lack of desire. It's not even for lack of passion.

knowing what to do, is simple. You re-condition your mind. Knowing how to do that, is not simple. 

But learning how to, can be. 

Because it’s the same way you learn how to do anything else: You find somebody who knows, and learn from them

If you wanted to learn carpentry, you’d find an experienced carpenter. 


If you want to learn to follow you’re authentic inner voice and connect to your spiritual guidence, develop your intuition, and navigate all the difficulties of it, find somebody who’s been doing it for a long time, and enroll in their program

What Practitioners Have To Say:

"Mastering Intuition has taken me from being a skeptic to being a believer and brought joy, healing, inner knowing, and a greater closeness to the ONE into my life. "
Jonathan Houghton
Musician, Engineer, Philanthropist
"Thanks to Aaran’s wisdom, insight and wide knowledge I’ve discovered how to bring my learning into my body in a way that creates real transformation."
Helen Jordan
Meditation Teacher, Artist
"Awakening to the Mystic has taken me from feeling depressed and lost to being more confident and aware. I've gone from sometimes feeling angry and hopeless to feeling more patient and taking better care of myself. "
Erik Stearns
Reiki Master, Author, Software Engineer
"Following Mastering Intuition, I've learned how to live more awake. As soon as I began I felt that I was having major shifts in consciousness."
Jessica Huff
Artist, RN

The Dilemma

Mastering Intuition is a spiritual process. It is difficult to put a price on such a thing so it is not without conflict that it even has a price. To mitigate this dilemma I have chosen to make this process as simple as possible. You can join the full program for $65 or choose to explore Phase 1 for $15. And even this is 100% refundable within 30 days. 

Mastering Intuition

  • 37 Strategically designed guided meditations as a tool for transforming the unconscious mind. 
  • 41 Self-Inquiry worksheets to help transform the mind and conscious personality
  • Over 70 videos that consolidate knowledge from modern and ancient mystery traditions
  • 100% Risk Free with 30 day money back guarantee

Mastering Intuition consists of 40 uniquelessons and specially recordedguided meditations

Why Use Guided Meditations?

The key to making deep, systemic change in your mental and emotional conditioning is to enter into your non-verbal mind and make changes to it directly. Not doing so is what keeps you going around and around in circles – having insights into your deeper nature but never fully embodying those insights. Guided mediations hold the key to making those transformations in the unconscious mind permanent.


Using guided mediations, however, is not the only way to make deep systemic changes in your unconscious conditioning. There are 5 ways this kind of transformation occurs:


1) Having direct, intense, experiences in your life: Experiences such as chronic or life-threatening illness or a near-fatal accident that shocks you into a deep understanding of yourself. 


 2) A direct intervention from Grace: You get tapped by The Blissful Intelligence of the Universe and are transformed. It happens…


3) Plant medicines: Plants such as peyote that are used by the Native Americans for spiritual awakening and healing.


4) Elongated periods of solitude and meditation: These periods silence your mind and organically allow you to enter into deep symbolic places within yourself.
5) Initiation rituals: Rituals that have been used for thousands of years in the inner circles of mystery schools, priesthoods and monasteries to instill a direct experience of the divine in the recipient.  
It is this last tool that Mastering Intuition come to emulate. In fact, the meditations could be called Guided Initiation Journeys. 
A guided initiation journey is not a simple guided relaxation exercise or guided meditation, it is a powerful and symbolic journey that acts as an initiation ritual for your unconscious mind. An initiation is like the igniting of a fire or the turning on of a switch – the planting of a seed which then grows into embodied transformation. 
In the ancient world, spiritual practitioners knew that people only experience real transformation through images and physical experiences. That is why they had elaborate rituals and elaborate initiation processes. Additionally, the performers in these initiation rituals had the knowledge of sacred geometry, the movement of energy, archetype, and direct mystical revelation. The practitioners who performed the initiations would symbolically and energetically embody archetypal forces that the initiate encounters. Just like the ancient mystery schools did and just as modern ones continue to do, Mastering Intuition allows you to transform your emotional, mental and spiritual processes in a strategic and focused way. 
Mastering Intuition is for people who want transformation and awakening but don’t want to go live in a cave or join a monastery. They are for people who want to take a deep dive into their symbolic, non-verbal mind without taking hallucinogenics, and they are for people who understand (and on some level long for) the importance of structure, ritual, and ceremony but have no idea where to find them in this modern day of watered down religion. 
Without planting the seeds of transformation through image, feeling and imagination in your unconscious mind, your intellect will have no counterpart when it comes to creating new habits, instinct, and indeed, a new self. You will continue to be frustrated time and again by the gap between knowing the right thing to do and that annoying habitual instinct that always takes you in the wrong direction. 
The unconscious mind doesn’t understand words. It needs experiences in order to change. Experiences such as initiation rituals or guided initiation journeys that you can do in the comfort of your own home. These symbolic journeys, just like the ancient initiation rituals, speak directly to the unconscious mind, bridging the gap between the intellectual and the experiential. And you absolutely must bridge the gap between those two parts of your mind if you are going to create real transformation in your life.

I created Mastering Intuition in response to a growing need for empaths and spiritual seekers to have an in-depth program to follow in their own home, where it matters most.

Going to workshop after workshop is disjointed. Traveling long distances for retreats is unsustainable financially and for anyone with a family.

I spent decades traveling the world and learning from masters and I consolidated what I have learned into this simple yet profound system of growth so that you too can find your clarity of mind, peaceful heart, master your intuition and be a luminary for the world. Even when it's tough.

Aaran Solh

The 40 Lessons:

Phase 1: Building Emotional Intelligence and Clarity of Mind

Section A. Opening to the Inner Voice:

Meditation 1)  Vision: Fueling your motivation and determination and a powerful ability to take action by building your ‘why’ – a powerful vision for yourself and the world.

Meditation 2) Connection: Discovering an endless source of love and nourishment within yourself that doesn’t let you down.

Meditation 3) Receptivity: Creating spaciousness in your life and feeling energized and supported for your journey.

Meditation 4) Creativity: Opening your heart to both the pleasures and pains of the world allows your authentic creativity to radiate in your life.

Section B. Emotional Mastery:

Meditation 5) Grief and Loss: Surrendering to the process of grief enables you to transform your past hurts into wisdom and find courage to free your authentic self.

Meditation 6) Emotional Freedom: Discovering the difference between emotions, feelings, and consciousness.

Meditation 7) Embody Freedom: Developing the ability to find your inner voice in the silence beyond the mental chatter.

Meditation 8) Finding Your Inner Voice: Connecting to your inner voice through body awareness and non-verbal comprehension.

Section C. The Eye of the Storm:

Meditation 9) Anger and Frustration: Rising above the anger and frustration when you feel oppressed to make positive changes in yourself and your environment.  

Meditation 10) Sadness and Depression: Dissipating the ‘I can’t’ statements in your unconscious mind that cause depression and sadness.

Meditation 11) Feeling Helpless and Out of Control: Surrendering control to your inner voice to help create balance in your life and restore a sense of power.

Meditation 12) Feeling Numb and Stuck: Opening to the joyous rush of energy and emotion even when you are scared it will overwhelm you.

Phase 2: Making an Impact on the World

Section D) Uncovering Who You Are:

Meditation 13) Will and Motivation: Unseating self-sabotaging or negative unconscious motivations so that you can clear old patterns of behavior.

Meditation 14) Helplessness and Innocence: Banishing ingrained helplessness to restore creative innocence.

Meditation 15) Duality and Non-Duality: Embodying your greater unified self, living in both duality and non-duality.

Meditation 16) Forgiveness and Gratitude: Finding gratitude for the wisdom you’ve gained in your life naturally leads to forgiveness and an unburdening of the heart.  

Section E) Building Your Confidence:

Meditation 17) Your Genius and Your Light: Embracing your power and unveiling your true gifts to the world.

Meditation 18) Balance and Equilibrium:  Having clear, consistent, and defined boundaries.

Meditation 19) Possibility and Potential: Receiving direct guidance from your inner voice about the areas of life where your unique voice can truly contribute.

Meditation 20) Structure and Focus: Creating a container to channel your powerful creative energy.  

Section F) Manifestation:

Meditation 21) Going Deep and Rising High: Connecting the illuminating life force of creation with the primal energy in the deep to become a true creator.

Meditation 22) Aspirations and Inspirations: Receiving focused guidance from your inner voice so that you can define what you stand for.

Meditation 23) Brick by Brick and Step by Step: Coping with impatience – creation’s most ferocious predator.

Meditation 24) Integration and Evaluation: Resting outside of time to gain insights and tools for your journey.

Section G) Connecting with the Source:

Meditation 25) Tranquility and the Source of Passion: Harnessing the overvlow of creativity from the silence, where it is born directly of the inner voice.

Meditation 26) The Source of Love: Burning with the power of passion and your own purpose in the world.

Meditation 27) The Source of Intuition: Creating something new, your thought fragments come together by the gravitational pull of your inner voice.

Meditation 28) The Source of Identity: Clearing past influences on your identity and collecting soul fragments lost in the past.

Phase 3: Becoming the Mystical Self

Section H) Overflowing from the Heart:

Meditation 29) The Source of Power: Breaking out of the prison in your mind so that your true passion flows from your inner freedom.

Meditation 30) The Source of Expression: Embodying mystical union with your inner voice and the power that lives beyond it.

Meditation 31) The Source of Will: Burning away the remaining layers around your heart allows the emptiness within you to flower into clear purpose and direction.

Meditation 32) The Source of Being: Reflecting light into the world through your inner voice in the same way as the moon reflects the higher power of the sun.

Section I) Being Fully Human:

Meditation 33) Into the Sun: Channeling the confidence of a modern spiritual mystic, connected to their internal sun.

Meditation 34) Healing With the Sun: Harnessing the power of that inner sun to heal yourself, your relationships, and others.

Meditation 35) Into the Creator: Journeying into the “Shade of the Living Light” where you enter into direct conversation with your creator.

Meditation 36) The Seed in the Sun: Allowing the artist within you to be fully expressed, you become a magical weaver of healing and consciousness in the world.  

Section J) Being the Extension of the Light:

Meditation 37) Infinite Possibilities: Co-creating the direction of your evolution with your inner voice.

Meditation 38) Relationship Choices: Untying the relationship knots that weigh you down.

Meditation 39) The Choice of Right Now: Receiving support and redirection for the expression of your true gifts in service to the greater good.

Meditation 40) The Ultimate Choice of A Mystic:  Doing what you came here to do no matter how difficult, challenging, or frightening.  Being yourself or being defined by circumstances.

The Path of the Mystic:  Life is filled with mystery and the intelligence of that mystery can be experienced and fully embodied. By making small choices first, followed by greater ones, you allow yourself to live a life of true service, synchronicity, and creativity.

If you're still here after reading through all that, it's time to get started with your first practice:

Where Are You On Your Path of Spiritual Growth

I’m at level 4 on this mountain. Where are you? 


There is an ancient saying:
“The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. 
The second best time is now”

Where do you want to be on the mountain in a year? In 5 years? In 25 years?

Doubt says:

It’s not possible 
Nobody can teach anybody that 
It is a path that must be walked alone
I’m beyond help…
I’ll never stick with it
I’m already overwhelmed
It’s too expensive 

How long are you going to 'do not'? Join Risk Free

What Practitioners Have To Say:

"Awakening to the Mystic has taken me from feeling depressed and lost to being more confident and aware. I've gone from sometimes feeling angry and hopeless to feeling more patient and taking better care of myself. "
Erik Stearns
Reiki Master, Author, Software Engineer
"Following Mastering Intuition, I've learned how to live more awake. As soon as I began I felt that I was having major shifts in consciousness."
Jessica Huff
Artist, RN

Here's a list of 349 reasons people 'do not' (from actual people)

What would it mean to you to be a master of your intuition? What would change in your life? Are you willing to put in the work to get there? Because it’s not going to happen overnight and without effort.


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