Love, Empathy & Inter-Connection

The gift of the pillar of connection, is in building a direct channel to a source of spiritual nourishment deep within you. A source of nourishment that won’t let you down or judge you. A source that is full, abundant, and overflowing with faith in your ability to accomplish your work in the world. A source of true love and worthiness.

Building the pillar of connection helps you find your inner voice because without a connection to this spiritual source of nourishment, other people’s voices will drown out your own. You will give up your own truth and your own rare intelligence to receive affection and ‘love’ from somebody outside yourself. You will be afraid of conflict and rejection, and you will shut out your inner voice when it is trying to guide you to express your authentic self.

Building a connection to a spiritual source of nourishment and love also allows you to build positive relationships founded on honesty, compassion, and empathy. This is what is meant by having rare intelligence – the ability to create heart-lifting connections while being aware of the same deep longing for love in every soul around you. It means that you will always have words of wisdom, an empathic touch, and heart-felt tenderness to offer people you meet on your path.

People who exemplify this rare intelligence are like Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama. So deeply connected to love and wisdom in their own being, they know each and every one of us emanate from the same source. But not all people who have developed this pillar are leaders of that magnitude. They are also the people around you every day; the people who organize your neighborhood block parties, or your friends who are learning how to use Non-Violent Communication in their relationships, or possibly the local small business owner who is adopting a collectivist approach to management.

Being in connection to the love-source within you means that all you create in the world is based on love. It means you embody love wherever you go, instead of seeking it wherever you go. It allows you to express yourself honestly and yet compassionately, creating community and harmony rather than conflict. The power of connection is the power of loving presence, where your words, deeds and wisdom flow directly from your inner voice into the world.


Answer these journaling prompts from the book Empath to Mystic to deepen your connection with an internal source of love and healing.

In what life situations do you tend to look for external validation before acting?

What situations do you avoid for fear of feeling isolated?

What situations in your past can you identify that caused you to feel isolated?

What am I curious about in the present moment? What was I curious about 10 years ago? What was I curious about as a child?

What would it feel like to let go of your external sources of love, nourishment and validation and follow your curiosity?


Spiritual Alignment is a process by which you re-connect to the will of your spirit. It is literally the most important thing you can do in order to rebuild the foundation on which you build your life from a place of authenticity and truth.

Many spiritual terms have become part of our language and culture. But we often use them without truly understanding what is being talked about. To understand how true spiritual alignment works, you should first understand a few spiritual principles. I’ve created a simple and straight forward summary for you.