A mentorship that guides you through the rough terrain and dark passages of your unconscious resistance--even if you're feeling depressed, lonely, unmotivated, tired, or afraid!!!

Introducing The Intuitive Apprenticeship.. A mentorship that gives you the supportive structure, knowledge, and access to your internal wisdom -- allowing you to liberate your heart and follow your creative, adventurous, and intuitive path in life

Imagine what it would be like to...

Be confident that the voice in your head was your own and not influenced by your environment
Find peace, compassion and forgiveness by healing from your past, and from the ancestral karma you may be carrying
Feel grateful and empowered by your gifts as an empath and intuitive (instead of isolated and afraid)
Be a leader and creator (even if you're an introvert) - bringing light to the world through your creative gifts, love of life, and compassion for the world and it's animals & people
Find a partner that matches your empowered vibrational signature instead of one that 'teaches' you to have boundaries (because they are controlling) or 'teaches' you to respect and love yourself (because they don't know how to)
Be able to make healthy choices for yourself around food, relationships, fitness, work, family and finance (without unconscious behavior patterns getting in the way)...
Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily over a period of time.

You CAN.. by being an empowered modern mystic who has mastered their empathic ability

Aligning with your inner voice creates a deep, non-verbal, knowing that your life has meaning and purpose. That purpose may not be clearly verbal, but what matters is walking through life with that FEELING of trust and confidence. The FEELING that your inner voice is always leading you to where you can serve -- even if you need to learn some tough lessons on the way.

The Intuitive Apprenticeship with Aaran Solh is a one-on-one mentorship that gives you what only a highly experienced intuitive can offer

Meaning, you are guided to explore your life and the unique mystery of your soul journey, free of the heavy weights that keep you tethered like a rock and prevent you from flying

Want to feel 'freedom to..' instead of 'freedom from...'?

Getting super clear about your life path will allow you to focus on what you DO want, instead of wasting energy focusing on what you don't.

Want to call in the best possible love relationship that meets your spiritual and emotional need?

Finding the love of your life in your connection to your soul is your first step on that path. Otherwise you'll be constantly drawing people in who reflect your shadow and fears.
This means not only tapping into the type of creativity that thrills and excites you, it means overcoming the unconscious fears and objections obstructing the flow.

Want to know without any doubt that you are on the creative path of your soul (and not thrown off it by the voices of other people)?

Knowing who you are and knowing your soul path of creativity is an exciting journey that liberates you from waking up tired (instead you might not even need as much sleep).
It gives you the resilience to both forgive and let go of the past (even be grateful for it regardless of the pain) and endure any hardship that might cross your path (and they will...)
Taking on the challenge of The Intuitive Apprenticeship means you're ready to transition from the life of internalized oppression you're living to the life of a mystic. Free to create, explore, take risks, find love, excitement, connection, and even fall on your face without fear if needed..

The Intuitive Apprenticeship is the undertaking of a lifetime

It won't be easy. The Intuitive Apprenticeship is about making a commitment to yourself to be exactly who you are. No more. No less.
It won't be something you do on the weekends only.
You will bring your new thinking into every area of your life. Every moment of every day you will be reminding yourself of who you are underneath (your authentic soul expression) and taking bold steps to reclaim your pride moment to moment

But don't worry - if you can breathe
you can make this happen for yourself!
Just like it is your birthright to breathe, it is your birthright to breathe into your soul and liberate your inner voice. Once you remove resistance, it is the most natural thing in the world

The Intuitive Apprenticeship is actually a simple journey and not as difficult as you may think. Even if you don't believe it's possible for you or you believe you are 'too set in your ways'.

If you are able to put one foot in front of the other and follow the simple instructions Aaran provides you, your belief in what is possible (and even what you never imagined possible) will grow as fast as Jack's beanstalk!

WITH The Intuitive Apprenticeship , YOU'LL GET:

A direct link to your inner voice during your 1-1 sessions with Aaran guided by his intuitive and empathic abilities

A visionary guide for navigating your unconscious imprints and self-sabotaging limitations

Tools tailored only for you and your unique mind imprint to help you align your energy with your inner voice in any triggering situation

Energy healing session and intuitive reading as needed

The ability to text Aaran night or day when you're needing support and can't tune in to make a decision for yourself

Practical knowledge and business tools for those of you interested in setting up your own practice as a practitioner or intuitive (or any other creative business)

The installing of a new navigation system in the motorcade of your mind

The Intuitive Apprenticeship Is Not For Everyone

If you are capable of navigating all the places you feel stuck without support and you feel confident about the choices you've made, this is not for you.
If you don't know that you are ready to awaken to your true soul calling at this time, and you believe voices that tell you:
'I don't have time'
'I have too much useless chatter in my head, how could anybody help me' 'I feel a lack of motivation and energy'
'I feel too many negative emotions and thoughts'
You may not be ready for The Intuitive Apprenticeship (even though it fuels your rocket ship to overcome exactly these challenges)

Aaran only takes 3 Intuitive Apprentices at one time. The rate per hour without the commitment to The Intuitive Apprenticeship is $250. The Apprenticeship is spread out over 6 months (meeting once per week) or over 1 year (meeting every two weeks) and the payment for it is $4,680 - You pay only $180 per session for 26 1-1 sessions (and in-between sessions you get supportive boosting like
you wouldn't believe - you can text Aaran day or night and he'll tune into whatever is going on for you)

So... It's not cheap (even with the available payment plans)! But is it for you?

Read this page again, and then check in with your inner voice to make a decision about APPLYING. Decide from a place of intuition and emotional resonance, rather than fear. It is available for a limited time only until the 4 spaces fill for the year.
Click on this button to fill out a few simple questions and apply for The Intuitive Apprenticeship

Applying should only be done if you feel an emotional resonance from deep within you. Ask your inner voice, 'is it my time to take a leap into the unknown? Is it my time to take this leap of faith?'

Looking forward to knowing you!

With love,