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Aaran in Thailand with His Daughter

Are You A Mystic?

Aaran's most favorite quote of all times is this: 

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Mystics are people who have come alive. Aaran's mission is to help you fully embrace The Mystic within you and come alive! To follow your soul's guidance rather than fear at every step on the road. He does this because he wants to have peace on Earth, and he believes the way to do that is for everybody to follow their soul purpose and come alive!

But who 
IS Aaran Solh and why should you trust him to guide you?

Aaran Is A Flawed Human


Aaran Solh is a human being. He is NOT spiritual or a guru of any kind. Nor is he the model of perfection in any area of life. For example, he sometimes binge-eats and watches TV all night. He also gets frustrated and angry. He sometimes lacks patience and pushes for things to happen out of fear rather than having complete faith in his soul’s guidance. He’s been hurt and he’s hurt people. 

What that means is that Aaran is only a teacher/coach/guide/mentor in the same way that everyone else can be. When somebody spends a significant part of their life studying something, they reach a stage where they can help others who have put in fewer practicing hours than they have. And sometimes, they feel joy in doing that. Aaran does.


So, while Aaran’s inner critic remains highly skeptical of his ability to help anybody at all considering how flawed he is - another part of Aaran strongly desires to help you feel really good about yourself and your life (because for the most part, Aaran does). Aaran also knows that by helping other people feel good (in the authentic way, not the repression / spiritual bypass / fake way), it would help this world be a better place for everyone. 

Aaran loves this quote from Abraham Hicks:

“I want everyone to feel SO good that they never feel like picking up guns and killing each other”


Aaran really wants to lift up the human species from being 'the worst thing that has ever happened to this planet' (that’s a quote from his daughter).

Aaran Gets Arrested For Being A Rebel

Aaran Getting a Haircut

Aaran believes that fundamentally all anybody wants is to feel more good. However, people are usually programmed at a young age to do the very opposite. This is mostly because educators and parents believe that punishment (forcing somebody to be something they are not by causing them so much fear and pain that they capitulate) is a very harmful way of educating people and that it is the opposite of supporting them to live authentically from their soul’s guidance system.

Aaran wants to help you free yourself from that wounding. He wants to help you be free from being controlled by unconscious fears and switch your conscious and unconscious mind to navigating from joy and soul-knowing instead. Aaran got into a lot of trouble as a kid and teenager insisting on following his soul’s path rather than conform. This got him arrested a few times. But as an adult, he’s found more peaceful, fun, and loving ways to embrace living from his soul rather than other people’s fear.

Aaran’s shy part doesn’t really like to tell specific stories about himself. He feels this is showing off or bragging in some way. And while he could tell stories about how he has bravely followed his soul path and miracles happened, he could equally tell you stories about how he didn’t, and learned his lessons the hard way. That said, Aaran’s brave part that isn’t worried about jinxing himself feels proud enough to say that mostly, Aaran has learned that joy really only follows when you follow your soul’s calling (even when it’s emotionally difficult). And mostly these days, Aaran does that. And feels more good because of it. 

Aaran once came across a line in a book about Google (yep, Aaran reads books about Google. As well as Rumi and Genghis Khan):

“The world’s best athletes still need coaches! And you don’t!?”


So Aaran went out and found himself a mentor suitable to him (after many years of being without one). Since then, Aaran has significantly felt more good and able to better discern his soul’s calling from the calling of fear. So he is inspired to try and do the same for you. 

Aaran Helps You Feel More Good

Aaran Super High After Facilitating A Weekend Retreat

Aaran can help you feel more good primarily by helping you shift your internal navigation system from a fear-based one to a soul-based one. 


He does this by taking you through personally tailored processes (typically intuited or channeled from your spirit guides and higher self) that help you loosen the grip of your habitual fear and unconscious patterns. Aaran also uses many other ‘techniques’ from shamanic traditions as well as borrowed from modern psychology (though Aaran is not a licensed counselor of any kind). 


If you have practical goals and desires, Aaran can also coach you into first, the clarification of those and if they come from soul or from fear. And second, help keep you on track so that the self-sabotaging shadow elements of your mind don’t fuck everything up for you (again!)


Aaran is also a certified detox specialist and if you’re interested in physical detox as well as mental (which Aaran believes is a huge component of feeling good) Aaran can guide you in this as well. Aaran is telling you about this even though he’s afraid it might scare you off. He’s doing it because it's the truth. And he’s not going to let fear water that down.

Aaran's Pitch

Aaran Bored at the Airport in Taiwan
So… if you're striving to feel better overall, have better relationships (with yourself and others), and navigate from your soul rather than fear, book a session.

Aaran’s fully confident self asks for $300 as an exchange of energy for his life-altering 90-120 minute 1-1 sessions. Especially considering that there is prep work as well as follow-up work that goes into them (a lot). The $300 actually gives you a full month of Aaran's attention via email and text, so it's well worth it!

Aaran’s inner skeptic would like to make you this deal, however - if you paid, had your session, did the follow-up practices, and still don’t feel better able to navigate from your soul (and SO much better overall), he’ll give you back every cent and $20 on top of that!

Why Does Aaran Charge 'So Much'?

Consider this: a 24-year-old who paid $100,000 for a graduate degree can call themselves a licensed counselor and charge you $250-$350 per 50-minute session. A 21-year-old who has taken an online course in ‘coaching’ will charge $100 an hour for their session (and so will a massage therapist).

They do this even though their experience is purely intellectual (or cursory). They have been through exactly zero actual life-transforming experiences and know nothing about the human soul. Aaran feels slightly resentful about that and finds that what really matters is a person’s character, life experience, and if you resonate with them. Not the title that they paid for.

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If you’re (still) not sure about booking a session, answer the questions below (anonymously) and it will help you clarify if this is the right time (and Aaran is the right person) for you.

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Aaran Is Angry But Peaceful

Aaran The  Peaceful Activist

Aaran was born in 1976 (do the math), has devoted his life since the age of 15 to the study of the human spirit and mind, and has explored ancient cultures and traditions as well as modern academics. He has written books and recorded videos on the topics you’re interested in and has facilitated life-transforming workshops and classes. He is a home-schooling parent (best papa in the whole world according to one), has owned his own business and sold it for a large sum, has overcome childhood sexual abuse as well as addiction problems, and has years of experience exploring the topic of intimacy, love, and relationship first hand.

Aaran has also had really deep spiritual experiences exploring past lives, the experiences of unity, emptiness, and stillness, and has had psychic premonitions of major global events that have come true. He talks about all of it in the video interviews below. He is a shaman, intuitive reader, past life therapist, an ordained priest in a little know Western Mystery School, a Deeksha Blessing giver, A Reiki Master, a detoxification coach, and has an undergrad degree with an emphasis in psychology and chemical dependency counseling. Most importantly, he has brought real-life transformation and positivity to thousands of people already through his books, classes, and workshops (testimonials below).

Aaran is writing all this partially for himself and partially for you. He knows he’s worth the money but also has a part of himself that feels like a black sheep, an illegitimate child, and a social outcast all rolled into one (because that's what his grade school teachers made him feel like; and because he spent his money on traveling, apprenticeships, and real-life experiences instead of a piece of paper from an academic university). He’s slowly overcoming that.

Aaran really wants to re-legitimize the ancient role of the village shaman; since the modern version of that tradition (abusive priests peddling oppressive garbage), isn’t really working out, he thinks. Yep, Aaran is angry about all that (as well as the massive destruction of the earth and its amazing creatures) and thinks that you should be too!

Even though he might feel completely helpless to do anything about it sometimes, he knows he’s not helpless. So he’s doing what he knows will best help the world - help more and more people to come alive and follow their soul guidance rather than fear. Because Aaran understands the truth in the quote below (he talks about it more in the video interviews). He hopes you’ll join him.

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Still Not Sure You Trust Aaran? Watch These Video Interviews with Him

This video is slightly poor in audio quality but the content is perfect if you're interested in how to connect to your soul guidance

In this video, Aaran talks about family, children,  authenticity in relationships, trauma, punishment & vulnerability

In this video, I talk about family, conscious parenting, making life changes, finding your tribe, loving yourself & psychic premonitions 

"The brilliance of the light can be just as blinding as the horrible darkness. Finding the balance of human, demon and soul if infinitely more rewarding than hiding"

~ Aaran Solh

Books by Aaran Solh

Empath to Mystic: the Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself

EMPATH TO MYSTIC will take you on a journey of emotional healing. It will take you to a deeper understanding of why your unique soul's guidance must be awakened. It will tell you how to embrace the messages you receive from your intuition and how to build the confidence to share those messages with the world.

Available as e-book, paperback & audio

Igniting the Luminary Spark: Help Create A New Age of Personal Power, Happiness and Compassion

Igniting the Luminary Spark will help you discover how the path to empowerment and spiritual awakening is in the union of your ego identity and your higher self - The union of the body and the soul. That it is found in the spark ignited by the sacred marriage between them, not in ‘killing the ego.’

Available as e-book, paperback & audio

The Intuition Quiz

What Aaran's Client's Have To Say:

"Aaran’s simple authenticity, gentle guidance, and acceptance have been incredibly inspiring and helpful to me. Aaran empowers you from within. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious! In working with him, I have moved from a feeling of being stuck to being free – and even more than that, to feeling joyful in just being alive!"

- Laura Redfern, Certified Financial Planner

"Through practicing Aaran’s guided meditation I was able to find the inspiration to complete a song I had been attempting to write. I was able to get in touch with a Universal Truth and create a song that has moved others. There was no labor involved. The song was simply delivered. Thank you Aaran."

- Lily Ralfs, Songwriter

"Aaran has dedicated his life to uplift humanity through the remembrance of returning one’s attention to the root of their being. His work addresses liberation from suffering, intentional living, and purification of body, mind, and spirit."

- Jean-Pierre Verdijo, Visual Artist

"I really appreciate Aaran’s graciousness and insights. He has taken me from being a skeptic to being a believer and has brought joy and inner knowing into my life. I have experienced deep healing by feeling a greater closeness to the ONE and by understanding my unconscious motivations. "

- Jonathan Houghton. Musician, Engineer, Philanthropist

"Aaran’s qualities of gentleness, understanding, and insight have helped me bring more awareness, patience, understanding and gratitude into my life. My relationship with myself has vastly improved and my relationships with others have become more engaging."

- Erik Sterns. Rei-Ki Master, Software Engineer

"Thanks to Aaran’s wisdom, insight and wide knowledge I’ve discovered how to bring my learning into my body in a way that creates real transformation. Before working with Aaran I felt stuck, and now I feel empowered to move forward again with a sense of hope."

- Helen Jordan, Meditation Teacher, Artist

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